About The Club

The Cowtown Yeast Wranglers are a Calgary-based club of homebrewers and beer enthusiasts. The club was founded in 2007 and has now grown to the largest club in Canada. Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:00 pm at various breweries and craft beer locations around town (except in the summer months). Meeting activities vary, but typically they begin with a discussion of club business, followed by technical brewing presentations and discussion, followed by beer evaluation. Meeting locations are announced on this site in our monthly newsletter and on our Facebook page.

Currently, our club members include home brewers, pro brewers, certified beer judges, and beer aficionados of all levels. Our members also include beginning brewers and those interested in beer and the brewing process. Come join our online discussion Forum and meet the gang. We welcome all levels of beer and brewing expertise, and the only prerequisite is that you have an interest and enthusiasm for our favourite beverage -- beer! Cheers!

Monthly Meetings

January 2016

Topic: New BJCP Guidelines

Location: The Vineyard

February 2016

Topic: New BJCP Guidelines Round 2

Location: The Vineyard

March 2016

Topic: Gadget Night - bring your cool brewing gadgets

Location: Tool Shed

April 2016

Topic: Hops Wheel and IPA Style Guideline | Club Experiment #1 - Yeast Tasting

Location: The Vineyard

May 2016

Topic: Homebrewer Gone Pro

Location: tbd

June 2016

Topic: Malt Refresher - bring your hoppy homebrew

Location: The Vineyard

July 2016

Topic: (no meeting) Summer BBQ

Location: TBD

August 2016

Topic: (no meeting) Pub Social

Location: TBD

September 2016

Topic: Clarifying Beer, bring your malty homebrew

Location: The Vineyard

October 2016

Topic: Home Casking

Location: The Vineyard

November 2016

Topic: Recipe Formulation

Location: Wild Rose Barracks

December 2016

Topic: Get the Deatils

Location: Tool Shed Brewing

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Our recent posts

November 30, 2016

December 2016 Meeting at Tool Shed

We will be having the annual Yeast Wranglers Christmas party at Tool Shed Brewery this year. The fine folks at the Brewery have agreed to make us a cask for the event, and also have food and much merriment.

November 22, 2016

New Site and Forums

In case you didn't notice

March 14, 2016

#RoundUp2016 in tweets

A timeline of the 2016 Cowtown Yeast Wranglers #RoundUp2016 as told by the tweets that went over the run up to judging, judging and the amazing gala held at National on 8th.